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My Teaching Philosophy

The goal is to help students find the joy in playing and learning music. When playing music becomes fun, the ambition to learn generates itself. But what's less obvious are the remarkable benefits that learning music has on the brain, as playing a musical instrument is the brain equivalent of a full-body workout. 

I provide my students with all the musical tools they require to meet their musical goals. Together we explore their strengths and learning styles so that we can make progress methodically and efficiently.


Music Theory

Composition + Arranging


Ear Training

Music Technology

My Story (Briefly)

When I started learning music as a young kid, I noticed changes in my own happiness. More specifically I started doing better in school, making more friends, and gained self esteem from seeing my musical abilities grow. These experiences showed me the power of learning music and compelled me to become a professional musician. Through this I learned discipline and hard work—skills that help me excel in everything I put my mind to.


For several years I was lucky to have incredible teachers who taught me how to practice and meet my goals. In 2017, I attended my dream school Berklee College of Music graduating summa cum laude with a dual degree in Piano Performance, and Contemporary Writing & Production.

With 10+ years of teaching experience under my belt teaching kids, adults, hobbyists and other professionals, I am very serious about being a great educator. I currently work as a professional musician freelancing on the east coast of the United States.  


The Berklee Urban Service Awards (BUSA) celebrate Berklee students, faculty, staff, alumni, and surrounding community members who work for social change in the Greater Boston area and honors people who make a difference in Boston communities.




Leo Zhang, Producer

I started learning piano with Taylor at Berklee when we were both studying there. Taylor made me a perfect plan of what to learn and practice to achieve my goal, step by step. I was so happy with the syllabus, and the lessons were really constructive for me. Taylor explained music theory clearly and it helped me a lot. I still use modal interchange.

This guy was really patient with me. Patience should be the most important thing in being a teacher, especially for beginners like me, and Taylor is like the king of being patient. Overall, I’m really grateful to have Taylor leading me through the beginning parts of studying piano. 


Brenda and Riley

Taylor is a wonderful piano teacher. He tailors his lessons to the needs and interests of his students. My son learned so much from his instruction. Taylor supported and encouraged my son and it meant so much to us. My son enjoyed going to his lessons weekly! I highly recommend him!


Naveen, Former Student

Not only is Taylor a really cool dude, but he’s an amazing piano teacher. He crafted my lessons based on music I was interested in learning to play, breaking down songs and working on individual parts until I eventually could play the entire song well. My favorite memories are learning to play Michael Jackson’s “Beat It.” I highly recommend lessons with Taylor.


I'm really excited to work with you. Let's connect and meet your musical goals!

I am currently based in central PA but am able to do online Zoom, Skype and FaceTime.

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