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Collaborations with Emily Gelineau, Choby Scheufler, Blythe Schulte, Familiar Strangers, Somesh Das, and more!


Inertia is an Original Composition by Emily Gelineau and was film in the AKSS studio on the Berklee Valencia Campus in fall of 2018.

Violin - Emily Gelineau
Trumpet - Lachie Day
Piano - R. Taylor Fleming
Bass - German (Choby) Scheufler 
Drums - Joe Sturges


Fleming and Flannery present the music video for "Jim" from their new album: Friends of the Valley.


Composed by Fleming, "Jim" expresses grief, change, and hope.


Piano, Taylor Fleming

Guitar, Ryan Flannery

Bass, Bill Stetz

Drums, Urie Kline


Music video shot by Kalen Sowul.

Recorded in Eight Days a Week Studios.


Pájaro was written by Taylor Fleming and recorded in Valencia, Spain. 

Poem by Garcia Lorca

Guitar, Bailey Ehrgott

Drums, Joe Sturges

Bass, Colescott Rubin

Poem Performance, Elena Díaz

Piano, Taylor Fleming

Mix Engineer, Ben Desoto

Recording Engineer, Joyce Liza Rada Lindsey

Aaron Videographer, Sinclair Hauser

Mastering Engineer, Liz Teutsch

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