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A Book About Birds

by Taylor Fleming

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"I started writing pieces for and about people, places, and things. The bird names of these ended up becoming an anthropomorphic idea for the characters that inspired me. The people, places, and things I've written about on this EP take the form of "birds."

Oiseau (French Bird, 2018)

This piece was inspired by my Parisian friends who love cinematic music, beautiful melodies, and intensity.

Flamenco (Spanish Flamingo, 2021)

“Flamenco” is a Buleria-inspired composition written while I studied music in Spain. While this piece reflects a jazz sensibility, "Flamenco" uses grooves and accents adjacent to the most popular and dramatic of the flamenco forms that often end any flamenco gathering. This rhythm is called bulerias. I called this one "Birdy Buleria" while I was writing it. 

  Studio recording of "Paloma (Pájaro)"  

Part One

Part Two


I'm really excited to work with you. Let's connect and meet your musical goals!

I am currently based in central PA but am able to do online Zoom, Skype and FaceTime.

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