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The West End House Boys and Girls Club

I have had the privilege of serving this incredible non-profit organization in their music program. My average work day includes teaching lessons on various instruments, accompanying student ensembles, and coaching participants for performing and auditioning on a professional level. I feel blessed everyday I am here.

West End House Boy's and Girls Club is one of the best youth enrichment programs in the Greater Boston Area. Not only does it have exciting and innovative programming that broadens the horizons of its participants, but it also has staff and faculty who understand the importance of mentorship, foundation, and the lasting effects of great role models. Scroll down to witness the shenanigans we get into!

westendlocation 2.jpg

Song writing sessions

Advanced Lyrical Concepts and Performance Techniques

Check out the performance of this one take recording of "I've Got Two Feet"

Boom Whacker + Xylophone = Good Fun!

Check out this killer ensemble jam to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!

Dynamic Drum Duo

Check out the not so rudimentary rudiments we're laying down in our first drum lesson!

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